TRI Africa Provides COVID Support to Kamcare Orphanage

Though TRI Africa Environmental Services is one of the newest members of TRI’s international group of independent, third-party engineering services providers, it has quickly become South Africa’s leading CQA consulting entity for geosynthetic liner integrity surveys. The company provides essential environmental protection verification, through monitoring geomembrane installations in waste management. It’s also looking out for its immediate community.

On 20 May 2020, TRI Africa presented a check in the amount of R 25,000 (~USD $1,450) to Kamcare, a community support non-profit organization located near Pretoria, the capital of South Africa and home to TRI Africa. Kamcare provides job training services, food aid, spiritual and physical wellness guidance, and much more. The group’s activity benefits thousands of people each month, turning financial gifts and donations of goods into community-building action.

Some of the key endeavors Kamcare is involved in include making sandwiches weekly for children in public schools; providing and installing solar energy-generating units to homes with no dependable access to electricity (Project Sunshine); and the Jacaranda Children’s Home.

TRI Africa’s donation was a “no strings attached” gift for the orphanage, giving Kamcare flexibility in how it uses the money to create maximum impact for the kids.TRI Africa Director Nadia Minnaar (center) presents the gift to Dr. Roelf Opperman (left) and Dr Willem Pretorius (right), both of whom are directors and co-founders of Kamcare. Currently, the organization is very focused on COVID-related relief.

“We did not specify what the donation must be used for,” says TRI Africa Director Nadia Minnaar. “The children of the Jacaranda orphanage are the focus. We want to make sure they have all the essentials and enough food, especially now with COVID challenging non-profit budgets and making it more difficult for people to acquire supplies.”

The Jacaranda Children’s Home supports more than 200 kids of varying ages who come from troubled homes around the country. The Dutch Reformed Congregation of Kameeldrif manages the facility.

“The local community has been very hard hit by the coronavirus,” Minnaar says. “Kamcare provides an extraordinary amount of support. TRI is honored to be involved with them.”

Minnaar sat down with Dr. Opperman and Dr. Pretorius to discuss the various ways in which Kamcare works to support the wider community. The video of that interview is available here.

Learn more about Kamcare at

TRI Africa Environmental Services is an independent, third-party specialist consulting firm that can monitor, in real time, the daily installation and progress of all geosynthetic materials on a site through construction quality assurance (CQA) services. TRI Africa is South Africa’s leading provider of electrical leak location surveying/testing in containment facilities, such as for landfills, mining operations, and industrial processing sites. TRI Africa’s work ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget, as well as ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements. 

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