Independent Consulting / Technical Services

Quality Counts

TRI Africa's QA/QC services are an essential element that helps to ensure a compliant project with the correct geosynthetic installation methods in place.

Our consultants can act as your independent, third party Construction Quality Assurance professional on behalf of your company, its appointed engineer or the construction contractor.

TRI Africa Environmental QA/QC Services 

PROVIDES independent inspections for geosynthetic installation on-site during material receipt,  field installation and during any remediation processes.

VERIFIES geosynthetic installation procedures and certifies the safety, purity and integrity of installed geomembrane materials.

VALIDATES that all project-specific requirements, CQA plan requirements, industry best practices and internal specifications are met.

ENSURES COMPLIANCE with current national and international standards as well as with legal and regulatory requirements.

IS TECHNICALLY QUALIFIED to determine lining-material compliance, lining-surface preparation, and installation methods correctness. In addition, we are able to undertake daily quality control testing and live monitoring of the installation process.

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