Electronic Leak Location

The Most Experienced ELL Contractor in Africa

In addition to consulting services, TRI Africa Environmental Services is able to undertake electrical liner integrity surveys and assessments, also known as leak-location surveys or electrical-leak detection. These are post-installation quality control methods for detecting leaks in installed geomembranes. 

This type of service is imperative for the long-term protection of groundwater and the maintenance of water resources. These state-of-the-art electrical leak-detection survey techniques are increasingly specified by environmental authorities, as well as site owners to either avoid future liability or as proponents of responsible environmental stewardship.

In this industry the only way to mitigate risk is through a transparent, comprehensive quality management system, that allows all the project participants involved to access the platform.

It is a well known fact that if a leak occurs in the geosynthetic liner system it is usually due to installation factors and very rarely as a result pf bad quality material, but rather due to project specifications and industry best practices not being followed, material handling and the process of placing cover material over the installed liner. This is why it is so critical to have a totally independent person on the project to ensure the pre-determined processes are well implemented and executed, to prevent material damage of any sort, or if there is damage to material during the installation process, to report on it in order to fix the problem immediately and to implement preventive actions to ensure damage is limited. 

TRI Africa Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd. is such an independent third-party company who specializes in quality assurance. We have vast experience in the geosynthetic installing process with a state of the art software program to capture quality control information and to provide the customer with a detailed project pack after completion. 

The question is often asked if it is possible to build a facility with a zero leak rate and the answer is "yes, it is possible to build a facility with a zero leak rate", BUT the secret to the success of such a project has been determined to be the implementation of thorough quality assurance as well as independent representation on the project. 

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