Specialist Guidance.

TRI Africa Environmental Services is a specialist consulting firm who is able to monitor, in real time, the daily installation and progress of all geomembrane materials on-site though customer designed software programs.

These state-of-the-art cloud based quality assurance and control programs address every aspect as set out in the international standards SANS 10409 and material manufacturers installation guides.

The services offered by TRI Africa Environmental Services are designed to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, as well as ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements.


Companies involved in the handling of waste water must pay special attention to the correct containment of pollutants through suitable geomembranes that have been correctly installed, maintained and monitored.

The legal and regulatory requirements of South Africa regarding the handling and containment of waste and water are very clear and the issues of mining rights, water usage, water licensing, waste control, pollution prevention and health and safety has caused companies handling waste water, as well as design engineers and construction companies to ensure compliance and put guarantees in place for clients.

Quality Control

These companies are increasingly seeking independent professional assistance when constructing containment facilities to ensure that the total construction process is carried out in accordance with design requirements within legal and regulatory requirements. 

Independent or third-party quality assurance and quality control has now become part of the construction process and along with that comes the ability to detect any leakage of waste or clean water from these containment areas.

Ensuring the Integrity of Geomembranes

Ever-tightening requirements for the containment and handling of waste materials requires careful management to avoid falling outside of the strict environmental legislation and regulations. There are severe penalties in place to punish offenders, that could cause damage to your company’s reputation that may prove to be even costlier in the long run.

Mitigation of these risks has led to companies involved in the specification, construction and management of containment areas taking extra precautions to ensure that their facilities are 100% compliant and regularly monitored to ensure that the ever-important linings remain fully functional at all times.

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